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I'm done talking to you. by RIPft
I'm done talking to you.
Guess who that is?

It's Claire. I got rid of her scars, and made her hair slightly wavy at the ends. So from here on out, she has NO SCARS. Okay? Okay :) 
C H A O S 3 by RIPft
C H A O S 3
It's been about a year since I drew C H A O S 2, soooo yeah. Just a quick sketch. And by quick sketch I mean a 2-hour long one xD 

Yes, I know, Rose and Raphael are slightly bigger than Dragomir and Svetlana, but I only noticed once I was done drawing.
And I gave Rose and Raphael more movement. Probably because they're my favourite. 

Aaaand I think I finally got their hairstyles down c:
Svetlana's was pretty fun to experiment on. That poofy piece of hair on the front looks... poofy. 

Chaos Pirates (c) EA (seriously EA, make a MySimsAgents 2!!!)
I changed some, and added some. They're still 'under construction' though xD

Claire - Ellen Page 

Gray - Tobey Maguire 

Jill (when she's a child) - Mackenzie Foy

Jill (when she's an adult) - Mandy Moore

Lois - Jennifer Hale, using Cinderella's voice from Cinderella 2 and 3 (might change) 

Basil - James Van Der Beek

Ellie - either Kristen Bell or Chloe Grace Moretz 

Aiden - Elijah Woods 

Do you think they fit? At least the OC's you know about the most. 
Anything by RIPft
Forgot to mention that Basil is quite a heavy smoker. But, y'know, he'd probably try to stop if Claire asked him to.…
I probably shouldn't be writing this but...

Today, my mother and my sister went to a cosmetics store. Apparently, my mother went there before, to buy something for a friend, only to find out that she couldn't give it because the product was expired. So she told the employee, who told the manager, and wow, the manager sure got ticked off. Let me just ask you this? Why would a manager get mad at a customer for telling them that their products have passed the expiration date? And the box the product was in said clearly when the product was going to expire. You shouldn't be mad at her, you should be mad at yourself for not noticing earlier. 

And then my sister was about to buy facial cream, but the manager sees her, walks up to her and asks "Do you even know what that is?" Well, obviously! Why would she be buying it then? Not my sister's words, she simply said "yes', but the manager wasn't convinced, and then -here's the unbelievable part- says "No, I don't think you know" and then takes it and puts it back on the shelf, without my sister's consent. 

Finally, my mother opens one of the boxes to smell the product inside. I'll inform you, that she didn't actually open the product that was inside the box, she just opened the box itself. And once again, the manager steps in and says she can't do that. My mother,calmly, replies "I can't?" and the manager says this: "No... N... O... NO!" 
Uh, excuse me? That's a customer, but more importantly my mother. Who the fuck do you think you are talking to her like that? 


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