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AT- Red Steam by RIPft
AT- Red Steam
Art Trade with RAYNBOWZNSTUFF I hope she likes it...

She asked me to draw Red Steam, which has Pukki, Kyra, and Kitty in it. erm... Sorry if Kitty's a little tall, and I don't like how I drew Kyra's hair :<
I wanted to add red steam in the background, but I didn't have enough time; I need to be somewhere today. 
I think I like Pukki the most out of the Red Steam crew ;)

Red Steam belongs to RAYNBOWZNSTUFF
Artwork belong to me.
That One Lady. by RIPft
That One Lady.
I have a couple of Art Trades to do. 6 so far.
But before I do those, I just want to show this particular person.

This woman is the mother of Claire, Gray and Jill. 
She was pretty elegant, and was very loving and protective towards her children. She didn't really expect them to respect her, but nonetheless they respected and adored her back. 
Unfortunately... She's gone... 

I've decided to change her name (again), but I don't know what to name her. I was thinking either Priscilla or Lois  :/ do you guys have any suggestions?
Human OC's by RIPft
Human OC's
Well not all of them, but the ones you'll be seeing the most.
Some are old, some are new, some are old but you've never seen them before.  

Gary: aka Gray. A half-passionate-half-apathetic (depending on his mood) young man. He doesn't like to talk much, is usually sarcastic, and easily gets annoyed and impatient. Whenever he does talk, his comments can be a bit... crude. 
Aiden: A painter who happens to be colorblind. He is known to be kind, calm and collected, but that changes when he is forced to get out of bed so early in the morning. Aside from painting, he likes to play the guitar. He also wears scarfs. No matter how hot it gets he's always seen wearing one
Basil: An agent, and a good debater. He can come up with a comeback in seconds. See that face he's making? That's the face he makes when he knows he has won an argument. Gray loathes him and finds him annoying, but Basil doesn't really care and sometimes takes advantage of that hatred to amuse himself. He's a bit eccentric. 
Frank: An action reporter, whose documentaries are sometimes... suspicious, questionable. He knows martial arts, just in case his jobs gets out of hand. He's very collected and sanguine, and never seems to get offended over anything. Always has a confident smile on his face.  

Claire: A quiet young woman and Gray's older sister. Due to a severe car accident that happened in her childhood she has permanent scars on both cheeks - and it's because of that people try to avoid her and even make cruel assumptions. She can be cold for her own good, but get to know her a little bit more and you'll look past those scars. Basil has a crush on her.
Juliet: aka Jill. Gray and Claire's adorable little sister who is loved by everyone, owing to the fact that she has a kind, gentle and caring heart. She is curious and always wants to try new things. Claire is very protective of her, but Gray wants her to experience many things. 
Piper: Aiden's twin sister who is a waitress at a small cafe, and also makes the desserts. She is a little bit shy, and very timid, and gets scared easily: from a spoon dropping on the floor making a loud noise, to people sneaking up behind her just to yell "HI!". But she's never afraid to grab whatever she can find and lash back without hesitation.  
Annabelle: A cynical, sarcastic and smart-mouthed lady who loves to wear silly hats. She is Gray's childhood friend, thanks to a misunderstanding. Y'see, Annabelle thought Gray was a dorky and scrawny kid who had no friends in elementary, so she took a bold attempt and forced him to be her friend... Actually Gray was pretty popular and mostly everyone wanted to be his friend, but after Annabelle showed up that left him. Heh. 
Ellie: A photographer. She likes photography (and as a result she loves her job) flowers and cats, and her bass guitar. She is Frank's closest friend, whom she met while she was working, thus there was a time Ellie was somewhere that could have gotten her killed, and Frank saved her, which started a friendship. It may not look like it, but she's extremely talkative, touchy, and has no sense of personal space. 

So yeah. Say hi to these guys. I'll hope you'll all be great friends. 

All characters and artwork belong to me. 
I dunno. I've been so bored these days and I don't know what to draw anymore. Ever since I did my first art trade, I found it to be extremely fun... yeaaaah, soooo, if any of you are free, I guess.
P.S. it might not be done right away because of my current life as a high-school student :<
So many Admirers by RIPft
So many Admirers
Some people like to bake heart-shaped cakes for Valentines Day. Like Piper.
And some like to "steal your heart". Literally. Like Jinnie. 

Happy Late Valentines!!! :heart: 

Artwork, Piper and Jinnie belong to me


RIPft's Profile Picture
Mary (Mawy)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Is this thing on?...

Current residence: Kyrgyzstan, but a Canadian at heart.
Faovorite genre of music: All kinds!
Favorite style of art: I wunno...
Mp3 player of choice: My 20 year old ipod.
Eyes of choice: All dark or all white.
Favorite cartoon character: Kenny, Butters
Personal Quote: If someone brought you down, just remember that at some point in their mother's womb they were nothing but an asshole. (And technically they still are)
Actual Quote: Mmmhmm.

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Have a nice day and don't forget to stay fabulous!!! ;)


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