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Newsflash! I took Claire's scars away. 
I'm too lazy to redraw all of the pictures with her in them, so I'll just leave them as they are, but starting now, they'll be gone for good. 
I hope all of you see this so that when you happen to draw Claire for some random reason, you'll know what not to include. 
Reason on why I did this? Well, back then I was always drawing characters like that... yep... and Claire the was one whom I decided I'd turn into an OC. Now I sorta regret it - giving Claire scars that is.

Either this will change very little, or change everything  
I kind of regret giving Claire scars. Like ever since I 'tinkered' with her personality, I kind of wanted to get rid of them. Thing is, it's pretty much her "signature look", and if I get rid of them I'm (and alot of other people probably) gonna have to make some changes on my drawings and major changes on *sigh* the fan fiction I might never ever write. So yeah, what do you guys think? Remove the scars or leave them? 
I was planning on submitting a sketch of my OCs colored in. Buuut my tablet seems to have a mind of its own. (it's broken) I'll just write them down here for now... yep... Along with outofnowhereandnotsointerestingokayimjokingtheyarealittlebitinterestingiguess facts...

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: grey 
Skin Tone: light
Mostly Seen Wearing: blue or grey sweater, white or band shirt, light brown or blue pants

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: grey
Skin Tone: pale
Mostly Seem Wearing: black button-up shirt with purple sleeves, black or dark brown pants

Hair: brown 
Eyes: light grey
Skin Tone: light 
Mostly Seen Wearing: pink light blue or yellow top, skirt of any color, anything she 'borrows' from her siblings, hair bands of any color

Hair: black
eyes: green
Skin Tone: lightly tanned 
Always Seen Wearing: black sweater, turquoise pants, brown shoes, flowers in her hair

Hair: purple
Eyes: red
Skin Tone: pale
Mostly Seen Wearing: black jacket or tank top, black pants, black boots, a silly hat, black black BLACK

Hair: red
Eyes: green
Skin Tone: light
Mostly Seen Wearing: ash purple or dark brown button-up shirt, brown pants, red tie

Hair: blue
Eyes: green
Skin Tone: light 
Mostly Seen Wearing: black jacket, white shirt, black pants

Hair: blonde 
Eyes: purple brown
Skin Tone: light
Mostly Seen Wearing: brown button-up sweater, light brown pants, scarf of any color

Hair: dirt blonde
Eyes: purple brown
Skin Tone: lightly tanned 
Mostly Seen Wearing: sweaters or dress shirts with flower or animal designs, black skirts, stockings of any color


- When Jill is older she wears things Lois was most likely to wear. Like dresses and floppy hats. She also has her hair in a long braid and dyes the ends of it pink.
- For about a year after Lois died Gray was a misanthropist. What made him stop was deciding to spend more time with his sisters.  
- Annabelle's real hair color is unknown. 
- Annabelle has a whole closet filled with silly hats. Her favorite is a black cap with big googly eyes.
- Aiden is known to be very kind, but when he's woken up too early in the morning, he can go berserk. You can use your imagination for that one. 
- Frank has been beaten by the police and the poor unfortunate souls when he was doing his job. He doesn't seem to mind though... 
- Basil has what's called a "silver tongue" (that gets tied into knots whenever he's talking to Claire)
- Claire secretly likes:
* uplifting, happy and peaceful music (her favorite music artist is Phil Collins)
* colorful clothes 
* sweets
* being hugged  

-Claire doesn't like Basil, because Basil tends to bring Gray down alot just for the fun of it, and Claire finds that quite immature.

That's... about it. 

Oh and about Lois' husband. Originally he left Lois for another woman, but I decided to change it. He went to war and never came back. And ever since Lois has been getting anonymous envelopes filled with money and cut-out hearts.
A Mother's Day by RIPft
A Mother's Day
Happy (Late) Mother's Day!! Just another quick sketch for another special day ^^

About the sketch. It's Lois and Claire (Claire as a kid, before she got her scars). So basically, Lois put some flowers in a vase. Meanwhile, Claire picked some wild flowers for her mother, and she wanted to put them into the vase with the rest of the flowers, but she accidentally tipped it over and it broke. And yeah, you see what happens next...

You guys remember Claire's mother right?
That One Lady. by RIPft

In the description I mentioned how I had a few names for her, but I didn't know which one to pick. Can you guys tell me which name out of the following you think best fits her?

-Renata (an Italian name I think. I added this because she is in fact Italian)

If any of you have an OC with a name that I mentioned, I'm sorry that I didn't know by now :'(

So which one do you guys think fits best? I know there's not much to choose from... Or do you guys have any suggestions, because I'd like to hear them.


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